Diagnosis of Lameness


Lameness in horses is common and our experienced vets offer thorough examinations to diagnose problems which may cause this condition.

How does it work?

  • Lameness exams generally take around two hours for a thorough consultation.
  • In some cases nerve blocks are used to determine and isolate areas of concern.
  • Visual assessment and movement in a straight line and on different surfaces are often important in the diagnosis of the problem.
  • Radiographs, blood tests or other diagnostic work may be required.

Lameness may be caused by a number of factors which require careful evaluation. At the end of the investigation, your veterinarian will provide you with a diagnosis of your horse and recommend treatment options.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

The Veterinary team provides a variety of lameness therapy options:

  • minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopy)
  • joint therapy and/or injections
  • Game Ready therapy
  • therapeutic farriery
  • anti-inflammatory medication and pain management
  • wound care and management
  • rehabilitative therapies

Our Team

The Veterinary team members are dedicated, compassionate people with specialized training and a diverse range of experiences. In addition to providing our patients with high-quality care and support, we are helping to bring the best for the horses together with development interest for future equine clinical center with support of our local equine community, generation of veterinary professionals.

Appointments and Referrals

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