Delivery & Payment

General information

Besides the online version the orders are accepted also via phone, 012582758 number from Monday to Friday 11am – 16:00 (in order to improve service quality the call might be recorded).

In website you choose an item, mention the address in which it must be delivered, phone number, and the period of time in which the item must be delivered (day and time), also an additional information, if it is needed. E.g. you may prompt the driver to how to fine your building easily, or that the door of your house must be knocked not belled, etc. In any case, having home/phone number our driver would be able to contact you, if needed.

In there are no order limitations concerning price, the quantity of items. This means, that you may order any item included in our catalogue. It does not matter if you have an order for 100 or 100 000 AMD, 100g or 100kg, the payment will be proceeded exceptionally according to price of the item.

Order status and history

After entering the site due to your personal page, You will have the opportunity to view order history, the date of this or that order and status (“given to collect”, “the delivery is started”, “delivery is completed” etc.), also you may view total price of the items you have collected in your card.

Delivery conditions

There are cases, when after order confirmation you might have remembered of an item that must be ordered either. In such kind of cases you may form a new order or you may contact to our call center via 012582758 number from Monday to Friday 11am – 16:00 (in order to improve service quality the call might be recorded), and ask the operator to add the needed item to your order.

The delivery is free for Yerevan city


In site the payment is proceeded in a few ways.

Online payment. In our website you may pay via Master, Visa cards, Idram,

Cash. This means, that you will pay as soon as you receive the order. The deliver will provide you with CMR check. While fulfilling delivery details you need to mention, whether driver needs to take cash or no.

By card while receiving the order. If choosing this payment method, the driver will bring a POS terminal, and you will be able to pay with a card and receive your check.

Payment conditions (Cash)

In case of cash paying method, the payment is proceeded as soon as you receive the order. The driver has the right to take back the order if the customer refuses to pay, or offers to pay in the future. Payments are not accepted with dollar or other currency, as it is against the law of Republic of Armenia.

All the prices introduced in the website include all the taxes.